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Plot Twist #41

The fans shut the hell up about everything in the boys personal lives, quit liking them just for their high level of attractiveness, and start to focus on the music that they make. The management back off a little since the fans aren’t so insane and the boys start feeling more supported because they have fans who are there for the purpose of actually listening to their music, which is the only reason they really should be there. Even better music starts coming from the guys, which is amazing since they already have good music, and people start to take them seriously now that there isn’t some girl on every corner talking about how sexy One Direction is. The boys reach a point where they are famous with all age levels, and they don’t break up because they are happy making music that is good and entertaining.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a plot twist as much as it is a rant, but SERIOUSLY Directioners. We all need to calm the fuck down a little bit. Yes, we can mess around and joke about things they do and the inside jokes we have with them, but when it comes down to it, we are here for the purpose of the music and I worry that the boys don’t know that. All this shit about Elounor and Larry that’s been everywhere needs to either stop or chill out a little bit. Who gives a shit if Larry or Elounor is real? That’s their business, and while we can talk about it, a lot of fans are getting in way too deep and it’s annoying. The boys are going to start disliking us (if they haven’t already) because THEY were on the X Factor for the purpose of using their talent to make good music, yet most of their fans seem to only enjoy talking about the boys’ personal lives or how attractive they are. 

Basically, I’m just scared of the boys ending up like every other teen sensation lately. They get really big really fast, and then suddenly they’re gone because the fans were never actually as dedicated to the music as they should have been. This can’t happen with One Direction, and it shouldn’t, because they are five EXTREMELY talented musicians who have so much potential. So I ask of you, my fellow Directioners who understand where I’m coming from, to re-blog this. Let’s keep the joking about the boys at a JOKING level, instead of making it into some big huge deal. Let’s remember that we are here for the five boys on the stairs who were hoping that their dreams would come true, or for the five boys who are currently rocking the world, or for the five boys who will hopefully become even bigger and be a legend that will go down in the books forever. Then we can look back and be proud that we, the most wonderful fandom in the world, supported them because they made music that we knew needed to be shared with the world. 

That is all.

P.S.: That was a bit harsh, and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to get a point across. By all means though, keep on joking about all the silly things the boys do. I would be stupid to say not to when I run the fucking Plot Twisting One Direction blog. Let’s just remember that the music always comes first, alright? Alright. Bye-bye now.  

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Plot Twist #38

Paul Higgins is waiting for approval from Simon Cowell to join One Direction. 

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